Videos and Photos of Batman Set: Day 2 at Fort and Griswold in Downtown Detroit

On Friday, for the second day this week, downtown Detroit was abuzz with the curious who strolled by as as a production crew worked on the filming of the movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" on Fort Street and Griswold.

Spectators who stuck around for a minute or two and were asked to move on by crews working security at the perimeter of Fort Street, which was completely blocked off.

Some office workers snapped photos on their phones. Some asked the film workers what movie was being produced. The movie folks wouldn't say, but one did remark, that whatever you've heard, is probably true. 

Before one scene, the production crew created smoke that filled the air on Fort Street. Then there was a moment of action (see video at end), which lasted less than 30 seconds. Then there was more waiting around.

More filming is expected Saturday around Griswold.


  It was pretty smoky out there.                                            


The security car is in the video above. It zoomed through the street Friday. On Thursday, it was filmed zipping out of an alley on Griswold between the Ford and Penobscot buildings.                                                  


There's a lot of downtime between shots.                                                           


There was no shortage of film people telling spectators to move on.                                                          

Office workers gawked and snapped photos of the midday action in their midst on Fort and Griswold.
Below: Video by Dan Newman of Ann Arbor shows the director with Ben Affleck, plus an overhead view of fast vehicle action. 



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