Robbers Shoot Victim, Then Kill Puppy By Slamming It to Pavement

The inhumanity on the streets never ceases to amaze.

This incident involves a robbery, a shooting and the killing of a nine-week old puppy.

Any Choi of WXYZ reports that it all happened around the Onasis Coney Island at the corner of Tireman and Livernois around 2 a.m. Monday. And it was captured on video.

Video shows Sean Harris ordering food and holding his 9-week old shih-tzu. Harris puts the puppy in the car as a couple crooks demand cash and his keys.

WXYZ reports that Harris gives up the cash but not his car keys. So one of the crooks shoots him in the leg and wounds him. And one of the robbers is seen grabbing the puppy and slamming it to the pavement. The puppy died.

The  Michigan Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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