'Pure Michigan' Shows Up in Tattoos

Above: Chad Wiebesick, a social media manager at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, snapped this unnamed loyalist Aug. 20 and posts it on Facebook.

The old English D has been getting its share of skin in the tattoo world for quite some time.

Now, comes the Pure Michigan logo.

Emily Lawler of MLive.com writes that tattoo artists say the Pure Michigan logo and Michigan themed tattoos are appearing on people's bodies -- wearing the state brand in ink.

“I think it is kind of a signal of how passionate our fans are and how passionate people are about the state of Michigan,” Michelle Grinnell of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation tells MLive.

MLive writes:

Tattoo artists say that while the actual logo may be new, many people have been getting Michigan themed tattoos and tattoos incorporating the words “Pure Michigan” for several years.

Read more:  MLive

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