After Motorcylist's Death, Bike Vanishes From the Scene Before Police Arrive

A very strange thing happened after a fatal motorcycle accident in Detroit on Monday: The dead man's motorcycle and belongings including his computer tablet were snatched off the street before EMS and police arrived.

Fox 2's Taryn Asher reports that witnesses said that a man who claimed to be the motorcyclist's cousin drove off with the motorcycle, that was still running, and that a woman who claimed to be the girlfriend got out of a car and took his belongings including a tablet and phone. Asher said it's not clear if the people are who they said they are. 

Fox 2's Taryn Asher reports that it all began when the a Pontiac Grand Am car was trying to turn into a gas station at the intersection of 7 Mile Road and Greenview on Detroit's west side.

As the car was pulling into the station,  the speeding motorcycle driven by a 22-year-old man crashed into the car. Police say the motorcycle was going too fast, which appears to have resulted in the accident.


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