These Brothers Were Doing Cool Art in Detroit Before It Was a Hip Artist Address


Israel and Erik Nordin of the Detroit Design Center describe themselves as artists who make objects for spaces.

Michael Hodges of the Detroit News writes about the brothers, who helped co-found the Detroit Design Festival that launched Tuesday. They make one-of-a-kind sculptural metal pieces.

Hodges writes:

They were on the ground long before Detroit became a fashionable address for artists.

It was 1999 when brothers Israel and Erik Nordin rented their father's steel factory in a bleak part of Detroit, dubbed it the Detroit Design Center, and began creating one-of-a-kind sculptural metal pieces.

Fifteen years later, you see their work everywhere — from hip restaurants and lofts to luxury office buildings. In the process, the Nordin brothers have become one of Detroit's most-respected artistic brands, epitomizing as well as anyone the blend of design finesse and technical know-how that's emblematic of the city's recent comeback.

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