Curbed: Galapagos Art Space Is Really A Huge Win For Blighted Highland Park

Paul Beshouri notes something in Curbed Detroit that has been overlooked in media reports on the surprising decision by Galapagos Art Space to move from Brooklyn to southeast Michigan.

Writes Beshouri:

Four of the five major properties purchased by executive director Robert Elmes are in Highland Park, including the abandoned monstrosity that will serve as the main Galapagos structure. Since we're already familiar with the one Detroit property (a warehouse in Corktown), let's see the small empire Galapagos bagged in Highland Park:

HIGHLAND PARK HIGH SCHOOL: Will serve as Galapagos' main venue, with a 10,000-square foot lake.


12345 3RD STREET: "An old power plant that looks like a little Tate Modern." 

224 HIGHLAND STREET: A huge abandoned school.

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