Perplexing Questions Linger in Deadly Dance With Detroit Cop (Updated)

The Detroit Free Press, citing an unnamed police official,  reports that the woman was on her knees doing an "exotic dance" behind the off-duty officer when she was shot. That might explain why the bullet hit her in the chest. 

At first blush, it all seems rather plausable, even if it was a freak accident: A woman is dancing with an off-duty cop at his Detroit home, grabs his waiste, his gun goes off, she dies.

That's the story authorities have provided in the case of Adaisha Miller, who died early Sunday morning from a lone gun shot, one day before she was to turn 25.

But a Detroit News article raises some questions about the incident.

First off, how could a gun, pointed down in the holster, discharge and strike Miller in the chest?

Secondly, the News reports that some firearms experts wonder how the .40 caliber handgun ever went off in the first place while tucked securely in the holster.

Meanwhile, the News writes " firearms experts said the weapon, a Smith & Wesson M&P designed primarily for police and military use, could only be fired if the trigger was pulled completely back."

"The trigger was pressed. No question about it,"  Neil Emanuel, a certified Smith & Wesson armorer who manages the Action Impact shooting range in Southfield told the News. "Somebody put their finger on that trigger and gave it pressure."

Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said Monday the preliminary investigation found the shooting to be a freak accident. Parrish, the chief said, is "very remorseful."

Police Chief Ralph Godbee said at a press conference on Monday that the officer never touched the trigger and a thorough investigation into the matter was underway.

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