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Slash Detroit Podcast: Satanists and Columnists, Together Again

August 27, 2015, 4:08 PM Slash Detroit Facebook

The Freep's Nancy Kaffer, The Detroit News's Nolan Finley, and the The Satanic Temple's Jex Blackmore join host Ben Duell Fraser on the latest installment of Slash Detroit. This week: the Satanic Temple's counter protest to the Planned Parenthood protests, Nolan's call for a renewed black music and culture hub, and a discussion of the Democratic side of the 2016 election.

Listen to the episode below to help decide who got the Slash Detroit Quote of the Week:

“Bernie Sanders is just not electable, he’s far far far left of most Americans. He’s not a horse that can run in this race.”
-- Nancy Kaffer

“Everybody thinks that their views are the ones that are representative of America.”
-- Nolan Finley

“The conservative religious movement has been calling feminists and free-thinkers Satanists and witches for centuries, so we’re just really owning up to that and saying we have a voice.”
-- Jex Blackmore

“Desegregation was the worst thing to happen to black businesses in America, period.”
-- Ben Duell Fraser

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