Slash Detroit Podcast: Fire, Islamophobia, the Confederacy

September 04, 2015, 3:00 PM by  Ben Duell Fraser

On this week’s Slash Detroit, we talk fire in Detroit, Islamophobia in Sterling Heights, and the Confederate Flag at Macomb Community College with Alex Alsup of Loveland Technologies and Vaughn Derderian of Anchor Bar.

To view the "Detroit: After The Fire" report by Loveland Technologies, please click here.   

Who got Quote Of The Week honors for episode 85? 

The candidates are below:

"If you look at the maps you see Midtown, Downtown, Corktown are not the hotspots for fire in the city. It’s one of those issues that disproportionately affects the neighborhoods, not downtown, so if you’re mostly here, it may not be part of your daily experience in the city."
-Alex Alsup, regarding fires in Detroit

"One house fire is a tragedy, 1,600 house fires is a statistic, until Loveland Technologies comes along and sheds a little bit of light on each of these fires."
-Ben Duell Fraser, regarding fires in Detroit

"I would at least say that it probably wouldn’t be the first time that zoning had been used as a convenient cloak for paranoia and discrimination."
-Alex Alsup, regarding opposition to a proposed mosque in Sterling Heights

"She ran for election as a Democrat, and some of the people that she is refusing marriage licenses for, voted and campaigned for her, under the impression that she would be, you know, a Democrat."
-Vaughn Derderian, regarding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis

"I don’t have any problem with her being a turd, but she shouldn’t expect to be a turd and only do half her job."
-Ben Duell Fraser, regarding Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis

"This September 11th, in Wayne county, 25,000 properties will be going up for auction, about 8,000 will have people living in them."
-Alex Alsup

"It’s like the problems in Detroit are a really evil rock band. Fire would be Ringo. Foreclosure is John. Government corruption is Paul... Yoko Ono is Kwame Kilpatrick."
-Vaughn Derderian



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