The Slash Detroit Podcast: The Worst of Both Worlds with Mitch Albom and Nancy Kaffer

September 10, 2015, 5:46 PM by  Ben Duell Fraser

Who earns Quote of the Week from today’s episode?

“This is just one of those years where everything went wrong… It’s a really lost year, a wasted year. The biggest casualty of it could be the manager, that would be a shame, because I don’t think he’s been given enough time to prove whether he’s good or bad, but he may not get another year.”
-- Mitch Albom on the 2015 Tigers and Brad Ausmus

“The city needs tax dollars, but it also needs occupied homes. . . . We have the potential for people to get booted out of occupied homes, and we don’t have information that suggests that the auction puts those houses back into productive reuse and positive taxpaying, so we’re sort of getting the worst of both worlds right now.”
-- Nancy Kaffer on Friday's start of the Wayne County tax foreclosure auction

“When this is all over, you’re going to look like one of those raver kids without drugs. You’ll be a little puddle of depression.”
-- Ben Duell Fraser on Kaffer's interest in the Courser/Gamrat saga's end

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