Midtown Could See Fewer Parking Lots, Greater Walkability with New Zoning

Detroit has not been a particularly pedestrian-friendly place for a long time. The car is king.

But that could change in Midtown, Louis Aguilar of The Detroit News writes:

The strip mall may become an endangered species in big parts of Detroit’s Midtown, as boosters of the hot neighborhood push for a future that would frown on parking lots and aim for a continuous “street wall” of buildings.

To achieve that goal, they want a new kind of city zoning to apply to a large swath of Midtown. It would virtually ban future single-story shops with a parking lot — the basic strip mall.

If it works there, other Detroit neighborhoods may get this new zoning, which was created in 2014. It’s another sign that some in the Motor City want to drive less and walk more.

Read more:  The Detroit News

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