Off the Court, Ex-Piston Rasheed Wallace Battles Ex-Wife in a Court

August 03, 2016, 6:39 AM

Rasheed Wallace

Former Detroit Piston Rasheed Wallace was no pushover on the court, and apparently he's a formidable opponent in court.

His ex-wife, 45-year-old Fatima Sanders, has taken her divorce case to the Michigan Court of Appeals, Robert Snell of The Detroit News writes. She claims Wallace forced her out of their Rochester Hills mansion and left her penniless to deal with the repo man and creditors.

The bitter divorce, her attorney claims, preserved his $80 million fortune.

Wallace's lawyers have suggested Sanders had an affair. Sanders' attorney says it was Wallace, now 41, who was having an affair.

A court hearing was held Tuesday, with no decision.

The bitter quest by Sanders for spousal support has been going on for near two years, the News reports. Sanders wants a part of his fortune, most of which Wallace earned during the 16-year marriage, Snell writes. He played for the Pistons from 2004-2009 and finished his NBA career in 2013 with the New York Knicks. 

“The mishandling of this divorce by the trial court is a travesty,” Fatima Sanders’ lawyer Henry Baskin wrote in a court filing, according to the News. Sanders wants the case re-opened in Oakland County Circuit Court so she can pursue spousal support and attorney fees, and receive a share of the couple’s estate, Snell writes.

Wallace’s lawyers want the case revisited so an Oakland County judge can enforce a prenuptial agreement that would give Sanders an unspecified slice of her ex-husband’s assets.

“Rasheed wants to be done. He has a prenup and he doesn’t want to waste any more time and money,” Wallace’s lawyer Richard Victor tells The News.

Snell writes:

The prenuptial agreement would give Sanders a “nice, hefty settlement,” Victor said. If Sanders pursues spousal support beyond what’s outlined in the prenuptial agreement, Wallace’s lawyer said he would air allegations about an affair.

Under the prenuptial agreement, Sanders would get nothing if she had an affair, Victor said.

“They don’t want to litigate this,” he said. Victor can’t prove an affair, Sanders’ lawyer said.

Besides, Wallace “has been having an affair for years,” Baskin said.

Not true, Victor said.

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