Video: An Amusing Drone Rescue and Crash in Downtown Detroit


It sounds like it could be the name of a new reality show, Drone Rescue.

William Elling of Macomb County, who owns a photography business and tree trimming service, took his drone downtown last week to help rescue a friend's drone which ended up stuck on the roof of a building at Woodward and Clifford in downtown Detroit.

He recorded the rescue mission, which had mixed results.

"I designed a type of grappling hook that would grab the drone by its arms or landing gear," Elling wrote in a private Facebook message to Deadline Detroit. "A friend of mine had just bought the drone a few days prior and wanted to get some rooftop shots. His battery died so the drone landed itself on top of the building and on top of the staircase. There were 3 police officers and at least a dozen security guards on the sidewalk and street to make sure everyone was safe if the worst had happened, and the worst had happened lol. Luckily for the other pilot the store somehow exchanged the damaged drone for a brand new one."

"Was happy that everything, for the most part, went as planned," he said. 

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