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Fouts' Offensive Recording Was Not Doctored As He Claims, Voice Experts Says

March 04, 2017, 12:07 AM


For many weeks Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has denied that incriminating recordings of him making offensive remarks about the cognitively impaired  and African Americans were fake and doctored.

But Mara MacDonald of WDIV reports that she obtained an original recording of Fouts saying offensive things about "retarded" people and had it tested by a forensics expert.

"I'm able to authenticate it," says Ed Primeau of Primeau Forensics in Rochester Hills.  "It's science, it's a very formal process, " he said. He also said he would be able to detect a synthesized recording that was doctored.

The original recording, unlike copies, has what is called metadata -- digital fingerprints, in effect. 

In the recording in question, Fouts talks about how he feels about going to a Special Olympics events. "Friday nights past I'd be going to meet some women, tonight I'm going to meet some retards," the mayor says. 

MacDonald is trying to get original recordings of other conversations. at least six employees have recorded the mayor saying objectionable things, she says. 

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