Detroit Launches Latest Mass Transit Today -- MoGO, the Bike-Sharing Service

May 23, 2017, 7:27 AM


Two weeks ago, Detroit launched the QLine..

On Tuesday, another mass transit service of sorts begins -- MoGo, a nonprofit bike sharing service.

After 10:30 a.m. remarks by Mayor Mike Duggan and others, a community ride will roll from the New Center area. People who registered will grab a brike and ride to any of the 43 stations in 10 neighborhoods. At each destination, they'll dock the bike for others to use.

The event begins at Henry Ford Health System’s offices in Midtown at 1 Ford Place, just north of Wayne State between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Here are MoGo details:

A basic pass costs $8 per day for unlimited 30-minute trips for 24 hours.
A monthly pass is $18 and a yearly one is $80.
An access pass for all users costs $5 per year.
Those with day passes who go over 30 minutes pay an additional $4. The fee is $2 for those with monthly or annual passes.
Customers can drop off a bike at one station and pick up another one there or at any location.

Two free phone apps available at Google Play and iTunes provide real-time availability and location data:
► Transit App shows available bikes and empty docks at nearby stations, plus directions and an approximate trip time to a chosen destination. It also lets users buy a daily pass.
► Cyclefinder App shows available bikes and empty docks system-wide. A timer can be set to alert riders when 25 minutes have passed. Users also can also track distance traveled, average speed, calories burned and carbon dioxide emissions saved.


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