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Video: Fly Along with a Drone Following the QLine on a Sparkling Detroit Day

June 04, 2017, 4:05 PM YouTube

Here's a chance to look down on the QLine, though not the way that critics do for reasons of cost, speed, route or urban transportation policy.

This view from above is in a new minute-plus video from Rossetti, a downtown architecture firm that designed the line's 20 stations. It posts the drone video below, shot on a sunny, cloudless day.


The aerial camera follows a southbound ride from New Center to Campus Martius, including the tandem streetcars scene at right. Viewers see massive battery packs atop the first car and the roof-mounted cooling/heating units further back.

Also notable (at the 39-second mark) is a street jogger who seems as though he almost could match the QLine if he picked up his pace just a bit. (Ah, but now we look down in both senses.)    

This breezy trip -- with no red lights or blocked track -- is accompanied by a bouncy keyboard composition by Jeremy Paczos, an advertising design senior at the College for Creative Studies.

All aboard for a quick zip down Woodward.


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