2017 Recap: Harry's Bar Owner Calls Little Caesars Arena a Hostile Neighbor

This repost from June 16 is the second in our Top 10 countdown of this year's most-read articles, a daily series through New Year's Eve. Yesterday's installment is here.


Harry Kefalonitis, a third-generation Detroit bar owner, says he's getting screwed by the Ilitch empire that operates Little Caesars Arena. 

Kefalonitis, owner of Harry's Detroit at Clifford and Henry, in the shadow of the new arena, tells WWJ's Mike Campbell that his business will be harmed because the arena plans to direct traffic for its parking garage right past his bar, causing a choke point and making it difficult for patrons to get into or out of his business.

Instead of using Cass Avenue to get to Henry, Kefalonitis said the arena is going to direct traffic down Clifford and onto Henry, essentially blocking his business, WWJ reports.

Harry Kefalonitis: "It's really inconsiderate and a little shocking." (Deadline Detroit photo)

He tried to talk to arena executives and thinks the owners are bad neighbors. He also wonders if they're trying to choke off his business to retaliate because he refused to sell his property.  

"Surely you can do better than to trample all over a business that’s been there for 25 years," he tells the radio station. "And knowing that we're here, you make your traffic pattern to chokepoint around the small business?

"It's really inconsiderate and a little shocking, knowing that they got public monies for this. Some of those are my tax dollars and they’re using them against me."

WWJ awaited a return call from the arena for comment.

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