'Let it Go:' Folks in 2 Michigan Towns 'Tired of Hearing About the Russia Thing'

President Donald Trump (Photodeposit.com)

For many Democrats, the multiple investigations into Russia's influence on the 2016  presidential election seem front and center on their minds, if not daily, pretty close. 

But not everyone feels that way.

Lindsay Maizland of Vox News in D.C., saw that firsthand recently when she returned to her hometown of Linden, a rural little town between Flint and Detroit, and interviewed people there and in the neighboring community of Argentine Township. She reports: 

Nearly every single person I spoke with said the same thing: The media just needs to leave Trump alone, and the Russia investigation is a distraction.

“I'm tired of hearing about the Russia thing. Let it go and move on. The media is the one that's propagating it. They just won't let it die,”  area resident Nancy Androsky told her.

The residents say they are more concerned about Trump's campaign promises to build a stronger military, restrict immigration and create jobs for middle-class Americans, Maizland finds. They want to give Trump a chance.

Barber Rich Marshbanks (Facebook photo)

Military veteran Rich Marshbanks, owner of Snippers Barber Shop on Broad Street in Linden, offers opinions reflective of the community.

"What do I think about the Russia-Trump issues? I think it's never been proven that he had anything to do with Russia whatsoever. But the liberal left will not leave it alone. They're trying to destroy him.

"The media, the fake news, anything they can come up with, they're trying to destroy him. They're looking for anything they can do to discredit him and boot him out. And I think that's a shame.

"I think Trump will be a lot better than our previous president. I think he's going to get things done. I think he's basically a good man. His heart's in the right place."


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