'What a Rip:' Lions Fans Say 'Meal Deals' at Ford Field Are Priced Out of Bounds

The Detroit Lions use the word "deals" differently than the rest of us when describing a good value for the price charged.

Only an organization that pays its quarterback $16.5 million this year, and that spent $100 million to upgrade Ford Field, would dare describe the combo meal costs shown as "deals."

Prepare to pay plenty for Ford Field snacks.
Twitter photo by Brad Galli)

The photo is posted Saturday on social media by WXYZ sports anchor Brad Galli, who adds the circular highlight. He sees two dozen bucks for a pair of soft drinks and a popcorn bucket as attention-worthy. We think both prices deserve a callout, as do more than a few of his Facebook and Twitter followers.

"Exactly why we didn't eat there," comments Kristi Brokaw of Pontiac.

"With those kinds of prices," suggests Jenn Collin of New Baltimore, "you'd think they could afford some talent."

Before more howls, a bit of context:

Galli was at the downtown stadium Saturday morning for a "Family Day" open practice by the Lions, the first public chance to see the team that began drills this week in Allen Park. It also was the debut of new video boards, a new sound system and other renovations.

There was a mock game, cheerleaders, the mascot Roary and family activities such as face-painting. Entry was free, but food and drink prices made it a costly visit for hungry, thirsty fans.

Here how some react under the broadcaster's combo meal deals photo:

► Cost on that [sodas, popcorn] is probably no more than $1.50. That's crazy. -- Jeremy Schmehl​, Clarkston

► Dang. Is the bucket gold-plated? -- Dorothy Foley

► What a joke. The Fords are completely out of touch with reality. -- Austin Lass, Auburn Hills

► A hot dog and soda price is $14.25?! -- Carol Brown, Port Huron

► Is that for real? If so, I'll never go to a Lions game again. -- John Litchfield, Redford

► That's nuts! Do you know how many two-liters and popcorn you could buy on your own for that price? -- Linda Henderson, New Baltimore

► Someone's got to pay for Stafford's big contract. . . . Hate to see what a 12-ounce beer will cost! -- Brandon Carter, Lincoln Park

► Wow. What a rip. -- Christopher Belanger, Saline

► That's disgusting. -- Karyn Segal, Farmington

► What? Have they lost their minds? -- Mary Wlodarczyk-Riley

► And that's why I don't go to the games. I can have six brotts and a six-pack for less then that at home! -- Matthew Coffman​, Romeo

​► I can almost get a full tank of gas for that! -- Chris DeBoer

► That dog better bark for $14 dollars. -- Adam Forester

► This is outrageous. The only way to fight this is to boycott the concessions.-- Lucia Condon, Livonia

And for comparison, look what Atlanta Falcons fans pay for snacks:

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