Detroit SlutWalk, Raising Awareness of Violence, Is Saturday Afternoon on Woodward


The name is provocative and the mission is noble.

A scene from the first local march five years ago. (Facebook photo)

Women plan to march Saturday from 1-4 p.m. down Woodward Avenue in Palmer Park for a Detroit SlutWalk, an effort to neutralize the word “slut” and bring awareness to sexual and domestic violence, Sarah Rahal writes in The Detroit News:

The transnational march calls for an end to the “rape culture” of blaming victims for being raped or assaulted because of their appearance.

The last SlutWalk to march through Detroit was in 2012 and the nonprofit Metro-Detroit Political Action Network and event co-organizers said they felt it was imperative to host another.

Similar marches are planned for Toronto and Chicago. 

The Detroit event Facebook page says:

In response to the Brock Turners, Constable Micheal Sanguinetti and current president, the SlutWalk was born and continues to grow.

In Detroit we have had enough of victim blaming, of slut-shaming, sexual profiling and policing. We want to smash patriarchy! Consent is mandatory! No means No. Silence is not permission. Women's wardrobe no matter how revealing is not consent or asking for it.

We stand together to say "slut" does not have to be accepted as a word used against us to harm us, but we have a stake in the language used to describe us. It is something we can challenge. It can be stripped of it's power.

Read more:  The Detroit News

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