Too Far? Coleman Young References White Supremacy at the Manoogian in Rap Video

Coleman A. Young II appears in the rap video

Desperate times call for desperate measures, an old saying goes.

The question is: Has state Sen. Coleman A. Young, who trails in mayoral election polls, become too desperate and gone too far?

Young appears in a rap video titled "We Be Winning," with Ciera Sharda Feat and Beezy. It's dedicated to his late father, Detroit's mayor from 1974-1994, and one line goes: "With Coleman in the office, yeah, we can make a change."

When the rapping is over, Young speaks about campaign issues and says that with white supremacy on display around the country "we cannot have that going on in the Manoogian," a reference to the mayoral residence. 

Young has pushed hard to make race an issue in the 2017 campaign for mayor. He is black. Mayor Mike Duggan is white. He got trounced in the August primary, coming in second with enough votes to run against Duggan on Nov. 7. 

His campaign manager, Adolph Mongo, has never been afraid to raise the issue of race in political efforts. 

Many of his father's workers have endorsed Duggan, much to his chagrin. 

His official Facebook page is filled with postings about race, and one follower often posts photos of Duggan with the old English D on his forehead. In one posting, the woman refers to Duggan as "a no good white devil."

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