Old 3rd Precinct Police Station Near Eastern Market Being Renovated For Offices

Google maps photo.

The former Third Precinct Police Station located off Gratiot at 2200 Hunt Street outside of Eastern Market, is being converted for use as private office and co-working space.

Robin Runyan of Curbed Detroit writes that the building a "For Sale" sign on it for years.

Curbed had tried contacting the eccentric owner, especially after hearing rumors of Jennifer Lopez and/or Janet Jackson using the third floor as a suite. The bizarre, historic building was finally sold this spring and it will see new life as office and a co-working space.

Curbed recently toured the building as renovations are moving into high gear.

In 1959, the Third and Seventh Precincts were consolidated and the building was sold. In 1980, the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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