Kid Rock Uses Little Caesers Arena Concert to Speak on Racism, Government Assistance

Protesters at Kid Rock concert include Sam Riddle. (Photo: Motor City Muckraker)


Update: Tuesday, 11:50 p.m. --  Michigan's own Kid Rock used his opening night concert at Little Caesars Arena as a platform to express his unwavering views about government aid to people with children, racism and standing for the national anthem, reports the Detroit News.

“Struggling single parents are an issue close to my heart. We should not reward those who can’t take care of themselves but keep having kid after (expletive) kid." 

"Of course, of course we should help them out. Let’s do it with child care, child training and find them a (expletive) place to work. And you dead-beat dads who refuse to be good dads and refused to be there for your sons and raise them to be good men…I said lock all you (expletive) up and throw away the  (expletive) keys.

"And if you want to take a knee and sit through the star-spangled banner, call me a racist because I’m not PC and think you have to remind me that black lives matter. Nazis, (expletive) bigots and again the KKK, I say (expletive) all you racists, stay the hell away.”

Meanwhile, a group of more than 200 people gathered Tuesday in Grand Circus Park, chanting “No justice, no pizza” and other slogans as they marched along Woodward Avenue toward the arena, the News reported. There were some counterprotesters including one person who carried a Confederate flag, But there were no violent clashes as some feared.

Counterprotester at Kid Rock concert. (Photo: Motor City Muckraker)


Reporter From Earlier Tuesday 

Tuesday night is supposed to be one of simple celebration and joy.

But some of that joy may be tempered by protesters and counter-protesters outside on the opening night of Little Caesars Arena on Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit where Kid Rock performs the debut concert for the new venue.

Steve Neavling of Motor City Muckraker reports that some Kid Rock fans have posted threats on social media against the protesters.

Laura Barbour wrote: “Kid Rock fans will kick the shit out of those idiots,”

A Facebook post by Jim Bishop declared, “A lotta head banging going to happen tonight. I don’t think they are going to understand we don’t nee their bs until a bunch are seriously injured.”


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