Kid Rock Posts Sarcastic Shots at the 'Young Lady' Who Wrote This Cover Story

Kid Rock is a bit perturbed by the latest Metro Times cover article.

That's like saying Donald Trump's tweets occasionally are impolite and undignified.


The Detroit-area rocker dislikes Jerilyn Jordan's coverage so much that he lobs personal shots on social media Saturday afternoon. The target is a freelance writer who says his recent Little Caesars Arena shows were full of "contradictory glitz and grit."

She attended endured five of his six concerts in an effort "to understand Kid Rock's politics." After the first three, she felt "weary, uninspired and disenchanted."

Jordan, a Detroiter who grew up in Harrison Township, calls the performances "a confused and genre-less spectacle." At the end, she vows: "Today marks the very last time that I will ever attend a Kid Rock show."

Here's his snarky response, three days after publication:

That Facebook post, which he links to on Twitter, gets more than 3,400 "likes" and about 270 comments in the first two hours.

It prompts MT editor Lee DeVito to post: "Kid Rock is quite possibly the most petty musician in all of Detroit."

Kid Rock (Facebook photo) and Jerilyn Jordan (Photo by Danielle Levitt)

For a taste of why the rocker sounds bitter, consider this excerpt from Jordan's masterful takedown, which exceeds 5,700 words:

Turns out Rock is using his 2017 tour as an opportunity to hodgepodge all of his selves into one long montage of lowest common denominator music, bouncing between genres and their appropriate costumery — a tracksuit and ghettoblaster for his old school rap song, a fur coat for the rock song, and a leather suit embossed with crystals in the shape of flames for the Southern-revivalist track (obviously).

At one point, his DJ takes a moment in the set to taunt Rock for his ever-changing styles and middle-aged softness, clicking through a slideshow of photos for demonstration.

At various other points, Rock summons best friend Uncle Kracker not once but twice. . . . And yes, the pole dancers of Rock's Pam Anderson-era yesteryear have returned, too.

As for his supposed Senate race, the journalist doesn't swallow it:

There is no major announcement, no revelation. . . .

Once I realize the joke is on me, on all of us, I grant myself permission to submit fully to Kid "the Bullgod" Rock. Good one, Kid. You really had me going. 

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