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Video: Duggan's Latest Commercial Celebrates Accomplishments; No Mention of Young

October 26, 2017, 2:05 PM by  Allan Lengel

Mayor Mike Duggan's latest campaign commercial mentions a lot of positive changes he's made, but one thing it doesn't talk about is his opponent, state Sen. Coleman A. Young II. 

Young's two campaign ads have attacked Duggan. Conversely, Duggan's ads have simply ignored Young. 

Duggan's latest 60-second ad, which is being released  on Thursday, one  day after the mayoral debate, begins with the narrator saying: 

"Detroit has always been a great city but in the 10 years leading up to bankruptcy we lost 200,000 people. So Detroiters elected a mayor who knew what it would take to rebuild." 

A resident then says: "Things that he said to us that he would do, he's done it."

The ad talks about job training and improvements when it comes to things like street lights and buses.

"We made a lot of progress, but we have a long way to go," Duggan says in the ad. "I hope the voters will give me a chance, one more time. "

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