Sen. Gary Peters Uses Steve Bannon's Upcoming Macomb Event to Raise Money

Stephen Bannon

Democratic Sen. Gary Peters is using ex-White House official Steve Bannon's upcoming appearance in Macomb to raise money for Democrats around the country. 

In an emai, Peters shares what he calls "disturbing news:"

Steve Bannon, the driving force behind right-wing Breitbart News and shadow president during his time in the White House, is heading to Michigan.

Bannon will be the primary attraction at a so-called Republican Unity Dinner in Macomb County on November 8.

His appearance serves as a serious wake-up call. The GOP is rapidly ramping up its fundraising efforts, with Election Day 2018 just one year out.

The stakes have never been higher. Will you donate immediately to support Democrats across the country asking for help?

Bannon and his right-wing supporters have made it clear they’re going all out to defeat Democrats in 2018 and elect candidates with an extreme conservative agenda.

We cannot allow Bannon and his radical forces to succeed. Republicans are already raising unprecedented amounts to protect their congressional majorities.

That’s why it’s critical we ensure Democrats in Michigan and across the country have the resources right now to compete and win in 2018.

Bannon, President Donald Trump's chief strategist, who is credited with helping Trump win election, was fired in August. Now he's crusading to Republicans seen as too establishment

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