Single Mom With Terminal Brain Cancer Paints Her House With Graffiti

A single mother from Detroit who is battling two different cancers, and now she's also fighting to keep her home, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

It's hard to miss Kelly Parker's house on the city's west side. It's covered with graffiti. She did it on purpose   to try and keep potential buyers at bay.

"The city decided that they were putting it up on auction, so I made it to the point where nobody would want me to buy it," Parker told Fox 2.

Life has dealt the mother of two some pretty rough blows. She has stacks of paperwork documenting her struggle. She lost her job, suffers from Crohn's disease and is now in the fight of her life.

"Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer and it's to the point where they want to do brain surgery tomorrow, and I just found all this out. So them trying to evict me out of my house and sell my house, I'm not going anywhere."

"According to doctors, I don't have much time, so at least my kids will have a house."

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