Video: Enough Campaign Chatter; It's Finally Time to Vote


At 11:15 a.m., polling place at Gee Edmonson Academy on W.Canfield was empty.

If voting at Gee Edmonson Academy at 1300  W.Canfield in the Wayne State area reflects the rest of Detroit, turnout is likely to be light side Tuesday.

People trickled in, but at 11:15 a.m., the gymnasium was momentarily empty except for the poll workers.

It's Election Day around the state, and one of the most-watched contests is in Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan is challenged by state Sen. Coleman A. Young II, who tried to highlight the disparity between development downtown and the neighborhoods. He also claims a white mayor couldn't effectively represent a black-majority city. Interestingly, The Black Slate endorsed Duggan over Young.

Some voters who exited Edmonson Academy told Deadline Detroit that race isn't an issue. Some, did, however, say they have concerns that there's been too much emphasis on developing downtown at the expense of the neighborhoods.

"I don't look at race," says a voter identifying herself as Shelia  B (see video). "I like to look at the spirit of the person and see what they're doing for the people." 

Zoe Carrencejie complains that some services, such as buses, still are not reliable. "It seems like they're putting all their focus on downtown," she says. 

For more of what voters say, watch the video below. 

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