Finley: Young Forced Duggan to Defend His Record on Improving Neighborhoods

November 08, 2017, 7:03 AM The Detroit News

Any way you put it, Mike Duggan mauled state Sen. Coleman A. Young II on Tuesday night, collecting 71.6 percent of the votes compared to Young's 27.8 percent. 

Mayor Mike Duggan and state Sen. Coleman A. Young II

Young's message resonated in some parts of the city, but not enough to unseat the mayor.

But the message was not wasted, writes Nolan Finley, editorial page editor at The Detroit News.

Give credit to challenger Coleman Young II, who forced Mayor Mike Duggan to defend his record on improving quality of life in the neighborhoods.

The mayor must also find a way to connect the neighborhoods to downtown, to instill in all residents a sense of ownership and pride in the rejuvenation of the core city.

That means getting way better at inclusion. Downtown’s comeback must be more diverse, and include many more of the people who have grown up and stayed in the city.

Encouraging and supporting more African-American entrepreneurs is a great place to begin breaking down the perception that downtown is just for white people.

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