Mayoral Election Mauling: Coleman Young Won Just 3 Out of 590 Precincts

Mike Duggan and Coleman A. Young II

State Sen. Coleman A. Young II was hoping to cash in during the mayoral election in what his campaign said was a million dollar name in Detroit.

Apparently, that didn't work out so well. As we all know, Young took a beating at the polls.

A Detroit Free Press analysis shows Young only won three of 590 precincts in the city. Duggan won 584. Duggan and Young tied in two precincts and no ballots were cast in one. 

Duggan ended up with 72 percent of the vote, compared to Young's 28 percent. 

The gap between Duggan and Young widened between the primary and general election, reports Kristi Tanner. 

Read more:  Detroit Free Press

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