After Shaky Start Nearly a Year Ago, Corktown's Red Corridor Bar Folds

November 27, 2017, 8:32 AM by  Allan Lengel

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From the beginning, things didn't go so smoothly for the Red Corridor Bar in Detroit's Corktown.

On Saturday, it closed its doors for good after less than a year in business, Brenna Houck of Eater Detroit reports. 

It began when Casey's Pub at 1830 Michigan Avenue in Corktown closed in October 2016. The new owners wanted to be clever and name the joint "Hoffa's Hideout," a reference to the old Teamster boss who vanished in 1975, never to be seen again.

Well, that didn't go over so big with son, Jimmy Hoffa Jr., head of the Teamsters union, who expressed dismay. Consequently, the owner thought better and changed the burger bar name to Red Corridor. It opened  last December. 

In May, the bar was in the news again, and it wasn't positive.

Facebook user Ann Anderson posted a review of the restaurant, Metro Times reported. In her review, Anderson said the bar made her "feel very weird" and found menu items like "basic bitch salad" and "happy hour menu for bitches" to be strange.

On May 2, the bar responded on Facebook by writing: "As a customer we rate you zero stars. We find your sense of humor to be absurd and boring. Your taste is obviously lacking as you do not know a great atmosphere when you see one."  

In another posting, the owner wrote: As the owner my advice is to fuck off and never come back bitch! Go somewhere else that likes fucking assholes!!!"

A few days later, the owner posted an apology saying he let the "situation get the best of me." 

A few days ago, the owners posted:

Saturday, November 25 is Red Corridor's Grand Finale! Come up and say good bye to the place you know and love! $5 Top Shelf Liquors all Night!

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