Conyers Rally: Give Him Due Process; What About Trump?

Congressman John Conyers

More than 200 people showed up for a rally Monday morning in northwest Detroit to support embattled Congressman John Conyers, insisting he deserves due process regarding allegations of sexual harassment.

"We have one commonality today and t is called due process," said the Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit chapter of the NAACP, according to Kathleen Gray of the Detroit Free Press. "Why is it that John Conyers is the only individual to be denied due process?

"It is apparent that if we’re going to raise this unholy and unlawful guillotine, calling for the head of John Conyers, then in fairness we must begin with the president of the United States. Mr. Trump currently has 15 women who have accused him of sexual harassment. He has told the world and embarrassed the nation by telling how he treats women."

The rally at the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church on James Couzens in Detroit comes as some members of the media and Congress have called for Conyers to resign. The controversy began when BuzzFeed reported last month that Conyers' office paid a former staffer a $27,000 settlement after she alleging she fired after rebuffing Conyers' sexual advances. After that, another staffer came forward, accusing Conyers of repeatedly trying to sexually proposition her and touching her inappropriately.

None of the more than a dozen speakers said the accusers should be forgotten, only that Conyers deserves the same rights of due process that other members of Congress who have been accused of sexual harassment are receiving, Gray reports. 

"It is my belief that good intentions have turned into mob rule. It is a false dichotomy that you support his right to due process or you support his accusers," said the Rev. Christian Adams, of the Hartford Memorial Baptist Church where the rally was held. "We support the right to protect the constitutional rights of all involved."

Conyers remains hospitalized after complaining of dizziness and shortness of breath. 

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