Video: CBS Anchor Surprised Detroit Is a Suggested Travel Spot

Travel journalist Peter Greenberg recently spoke on "CBS This Morning" about great destinations such as Portugal, Malta and Chile.

A few minutes into his presentation, anchor Alex Wagner says: "Detroit, Michigan -- why is this on the list?"

Greenberg retorts:

Motor City is back. After decades of neglect, they've come back. They've restored all the buildings. They've restored all the parks. There's a great restaurant scene along the river. Yes, they've got a great baseball team. . . .

They are really coming back in a big way.

Yes, his description is a bit over the top. All buildings aren't restored, but many downtown and in Brush Park, Woodbridge, Midtown and Corktown have been. 

Peter Greenberg, CBS travel editor.

As far as the great restaurant scene along the river, that's not really the case -- though dozens of new restaurants of all types are trhiving around town. 

And as for a great baseball team . . . well, it's more accurate to say Detroit has a great baseball tradition.The team really sucked this past season, and there's not a lot of optimism about the one starting March 29.

In any event, Detroiters will take the flattery. 

The Detroit segment comes at about the 3:14 mark of this Jan. 6 segment:

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