Video: Dearborn Restaurant Goes Over the Top with $60 Taco


Just for perspective: A crunchy taco at Taco Bell costs $1.19.  A Doritos Locos Taco is $1.89.

Now M Cantina restaurant at 13214 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn offers a $60 taco (right) to show that not all Mexican food is cheap, reports WXYZ. It's made with Wagyu beef, truffles from France and Mexican grasshoppers. 

"Our mission is to bring Mexican street food to a whole new level, one that we think is reflective of what Mexican food is and should be," the restaurant, owned by Stephanie Villa, posts on Facebook. "Gourmet tacos" are part of what she and chef Junior Mertinoi, a longtime friend, call "Nuevo Latino Street Food." 

M Cantina opened in mid-2017.

Food journalist Mark Kurlyandchik dishes his take at the Detroit Free Press:

If there's one prevailing stereotype about Mexican cuisine in the United States, it's the notion that the food of our southern neighbors is and should always be cheap. The more inexpensive it is, the thinking goes, the greater its perceived "authenticity."

Not only is it a subtly racist pigeonhole, it's also inaccurate. The country is host to plenty of fine-dining restaurants, particularly in Mexico City, where critically lauded chefs serve meticulously plated tasting menus to well-heeled diners from all over the world.

With aims of shattering the "cheap" stereotype once and for all, a noted local chef of Mexican descent has lobbed an opulent, tortilla-encased volley from his unlikely Dearborn restaurant known for its halal tacos and tortas.

Two WXYZ viewers comment:

♦ The fact that it's cheap doesn't mean is bad or we don't appreciate it. I'm Latina and I love tacos, but I won't pay that much money for a taco.That's such an abuse! -- Betancur Betancur

♦ I better get a happy ending with the 60 dollar bill. -- Anonymous

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