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If She Were a Rapper, Martha Ford's Stage Name Might Be . . .

February 09, 2018, 12:29 PM by  Alan Stamm

Time for Friday frivolity, a break from the stream of serious stuff.

This eye-grabbing pose from a Detroit Lions event Wednesday with new head coach Matt Patricia brings out our inner 11-year-old. We get that one person's idea of fun can be another's foolishness, but we run with it anyway because owner Martha Ford's badass look could fit on the sleeve of her next EP.

Martha Ford brings sass and style this week.

So we invited social media followers to imagine her stage name as a rapper and tossed out a few game-starters: Lil' Marti, M'Ford Digga or Da Lioness.

We mean to salute this 92-year-old's style and sass, not to disrespect her. Still we understand these whistles on a play that seems offsides: "idiotic post," "what the . . .," "slow news day?"

And now, in a spirit of whimsy, game time:

  • Gram Funk. -- Dave Gallant, Waterford
  • MoFoCo. -- Rod Grantham, Southgate
  • Lil M Lionkiller. -- Renee Paoletti, Harper Woods
  • First Ford. -- Michael Ireson, Eastpointe
  • MC Lil' Mar  or  Money Mar. -- Stephanie Davis, WWJ reporter/anchor
  • DJ Marge. -- Erica M. Foondle, Grosse Pointe
  • Flamethrower, aka Lil Ma Firestone. -- Tony McCoy, Detroit
  • MF Balla, -- Bob Daykin, Dearborn
  • Momma Cat. -- Adam Ellstrom​, Detroit
  • The Fly. -- Joseph Whelan​, Plymouth
  • SOL (Same Old Lions). -- Stephen Pejakovich, Royal Oak
  • Lil' MF. -- David Bauer, Dearborn

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