This Lebanese Restaurant Adds a Twist to Traditional Shawarma

King's Bakery (Facebook photo)

Throughout the world, the famous shawarma sandwich has remained pretty consistent.

But Tom Perkins of Metro Times reports that King’s Bakery, 4618 Greenfield Rd. in Dearborn, adds a twist to the classic Middle Eastern item:

At King's Bakery, his small mom-and-pop Lebanese shop in Dearborn, he made a few small-but-transformative adjustments to the sandwiches by swapping out the pita for manoush, a Lebanese flatbread that he coats with a thick layer of mozzarella or achawi cheese.

Manoush is traditionally served alone under a layer of meat, cheese, or za'atar, but it turns out that it wraps well around shawarma, as well. The bread differs differs from pita in that it's pressed semi-thin and cooked quickly in an open-flame oven that gets as hot as 1,000 degrees. That high heat and short stay in the oven leaves the bread with char spots that take on a "leopard print" pattern and render the outer edge of the bread a little crisp.

Read more:  Metro Times

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