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Grand Circus Park Has Highest Average Downtown Detroit Rents

February 21, 2018, 8:06 AM Curbed Detroit

Living in downtown Detroit isn't inexpensive, particularly in Grand Circus Park, Robin Runyan of Curbed Detroit writes.

The average three-bedroom unit there is $4,250 a month ($2.25 a square foot for nearly 1,200 square feet), according to Broder & Sachse Real Estate, a property manager and developer,. 

Three bedrooms in the Central Business District, which includes Capitol Park and Greektown, goes for $2,905 (or $1.72 a square foot for nearly 1,700 square feet).

In Lafayette Park, a three-bedroom unit goes for $2,680 ($1.75 a square foot for 1,529 square feet). 

Midtown rates are even higher. A three-bedroom, 1,729-square-foot unit goes for $4,425 or $2.56 a square foot.  

See more average rents at the Read More link below. 


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