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Courage & Duty: Sheriff Reminds Deputies of Obligations When a Shooter Is Active

February 25, 2018, 8:53 AM

A Metro Detroit sheriff alludes to disgraced ex-deputy Scot Peterson of Broward County, Fla., in the memo below, sent Friday to deputies and supervisors. He also posts it on two social media sites "to reaffirm my thoughts about safety and security in Oakland County."  

By Mike Bouchard

Mike Bouchard: "We must be . . . unwavering in our willingness to face any threat." (Facebook photo)

I am sure we were all sickened and dismayed when we heard the news regarding the Broward County deputy who was on scene at the Florida school shooting and stayed outside as the shooting rampage occurred [Feb. 14 in Parkland].

I want to be clear on my expectations. If we arrive on a similar scene, our job is to go in without delay, locate and neutralize an active shooter.

I will either go in first, by your side, or at your six [back], depending on our arrival times. Regardless, I will be going in.

This is not the time to question whether or not this job choice is for you. There are many ways people can help other people in this world, but if they are not up to the demands of the moment they need to find other ways to make a difference and leave police work now.

Today’s challenges are not getting any easier and neither is our job. However, we stand on the Thin Blue Line and face those threats head-on. In these moments, we must not only be the best-trained and best-equipped, but unwavering in our willingness to face any threat.

Stay safe, stay vigilant and be ready. I stand with you.

 Update: In addition to Scot Peterson, two other Broward deputies reportedly waited outside during the Valentine's Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Coral Gables police sources tell the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper.

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