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Video: Ferndale Police Let Cop's Mom Slide on Drunk Driving Charge

February 26, 2018, 6:40 AM WDIV

Chief Collins

Ferndale Police Chief Timothy Collins suspended an officer for a day after he gave a break to an off-duty Roseville cop suspected of drunk driving last November.

But now WDIV's Karen Drew exposes a April 2016 incident in which the department let off a drunk 70-year-old woman driver whose son is a Detroit cop in the 9th Precinct. The woman blew twice the legal limit on the breathalyze and failed to accurately recite the alphabet or count backwards. 

Collins defends the decision and lists reasons why, including the fact her son was a cop and was able to come and pick her up that night. He also said she had no record for drunk driving and was coming from a funeral.

Drew presses the chief, asking why he suspended one of his officers recently for letting off the Roseville cop, but had no problem letting off a cop's mom. He says he doesn't see parallels.

Releasing the Roseville cop was "a poor decision," he says. "I don't find those two situations similar whatsoever," he said, adding that the 2016 case was one time he felt he could give someone a break. 

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