LeDuff: Duggan Swallows Hard and Endorses Whitmer for Governor

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By Charlie LeDuff

After fishing for another candidate, Detroit Mayor and Democratic Party boss Mike Duggan on Wednesday swallowed hard and endorsed former Democratic state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer for governor.

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Here's the obvious headline: 

Mayor Mike Duggan Endorses Whitmer for Gov. of Mitten.

Here's the alternative headline:

Nothing to See Here. Diamond Mike Signals Feds He'll Behave. Can He Dodge Indictment?

Here's the alternative alternative headline:

Seeking Gender and Racial Balance, Gretch Eyes Retread Benny Napoleon as Running Mate.

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Curious. Duggan was bandied as the obvious choice the day after being re-elected mayor of Detroit last year. He then spent months trying to take out Whit's knees, looking for someone to run against her.

What happened?

I told you back in November. It still applies today. Read here.

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