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'Pied Piper:' Ex-Oakland U Prof Who Supplied Drugs to Young Adults Is Off to Prison

March 06, 2018, 7:23 AM

Joe Schiele (Facebook photo)

Joe Schiele, a tenured business professor at Oakland University with a  waterfront home in Oakland Township, was sentenced Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court to up to four years in prison for possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony and running a drug house where young adults reportedly partied.

And when he's finished serving his time, he'll be deported to Canada, his native country, reports Aileen Wingblad of The Oakland Press.  He was found in possession of Ketamine, an animal tranquilizer illegally used as a recreational drug.

Specifically, Oakland County Circuit Judge Cheryl Matthews sentenced him to one to two years for drug possession, one to two years for the drug house and a mandatory two years for the disassembled and/or unloaded rifles and shotgun law enforcement seized in a raid at his residence in February 2017.

Matthews called Schiele “the Pied Piper of drugs, alcohol and sex.”

“I do think you threw a lot away...you supplied dangerous, illegal, life-threatening substances to young adults and teens. And there’s even evidence you traded drugs for sex. Your conduct was disgusting and predatory," the judge told Schiele.

Read more:  The Oakland Press

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