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People Walk Past Stabbing Victim on Southwest Detroit Sidewalk

April 16, 2018, 12:12 PM The Detroit News

Joe Kendra (Photo from Detroit News video)

Stories like this make you wonder about humanity.

George Hunter writes at The Detroit News:

The sidewalk outside Adi’s Coney Island in southwest Detroit was cold, Joe Kendra recalls, as people strolled past him into the restaurant, leaving him prone on the pavement, bloodied from 17 stab wounds and an hour-long crowbar beating.

“I was too weak to yell for help,” said Kendra, 53, of Brownstown Township. “People walked right past me and went in and ate their coneys. I was covered in blood from head to toe; they must have seen it. Finally, someone stopped their car and called 911.”

It started on Feb. 3 when Kendra, an industrial electrician, did some work for Roy Abrams at his home in the 8400 block of Melville in Detroit for only $20. He stepped out to smoke a cigarette and grab a soda. When he walked back in, Abrams accused him of stealing $1,500 from the dining room table, the News reports.

Kendra denied it, and he says Abrams started beating him with a crowbar. Kendra suggested Abram's girlfriend stole it. Then Abrams stabbed him 17 times and eventually dumped him in an alley. He was able to crawl to toward Michigan Avenue near Adi’s Coney Island, Hunter reports.

“People parked next to where I was and they walked right past me,” Kendra said. “I wanted to say something to them but I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t scream. I don’t really know why I couldn’t.” Finally a motorist stopped and called for help.

Abrams, 46, was bound over for trial March 28 on charges including assault with intent to murder, torture and unlawful imprisonment.

Kendra tells the News he still plans to come to Detroit to ride his Schwinn Paramount bicycle with various riding groups, including Ride My Bike and Monday Metropolis Ride.

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