Whoa Now: Watch This Galloping Cop Pull Over a Driver on Detroit's Wild West Side

May 08, 2018, 11:04 PM by  Alan Stamm

Police Officer Brandon Murphy makes a Midtown traffic stop so unusual that a video of the brief pursuit is viewed more than 53,000 times. It shows a law enforcement action on the wild west side.

Check out how a female driver was pulled over and ticketed alongside the campus recently:

Murphy, who patrols atop a horse named Remy, is a member of both the Wayne State University Police Department and the Detroit force's mounted unit. "I noticed the driver was texting, steering with her left and and no seat belt," he tells Andrea Isom of WXYZ.

As the distracted motorist was nabbed April 27, 20-year-old WSU nursing student Samantha Farrah of Warren taped the bizarre scene on a phone or dashcam -- showing Remy and his rider gallop across three lanes.

Her tweet and half-minute video earn more than 2,400 likes and amused reactions:

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