Esquire Magazine Names Corktown Bar As One of 21 Best in America

May 31, 2018, 6:44 AM


With all the watering holes in America, it sure is tough to pick the top 21.

But that's what Esquire magazine does, and it names the Sugar House at 2130 Michigan Avenue in Detroit's Corktown as one of those 21 for 2018, writing:

There is a certain undeniable divinity in a perfectly made daiquiri. At the sweet-sour boozy intersection, the daiquiri gets the right of way. Sugar House is a place that understands this. It shows proper reverence for the drink by pricing it for the everyperson at a mere seven dollars. But too much of a good thing is a bad thing, so when you’re ready to jump off the refined-sugar wagon and into the waters of distillation, you can continue your rum journey at a bar laden with rums worthy of sipping slowly. There is a menu with a long list of classic cocktails, plus their own fanciful concoctions. 2130 Michigan Avenue —Stephen Satterfield

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