'Tiger Baseball Is a Great Summer Habit' . . . and 18 Other Clever Captions

June 26, 2018, 10:49 AM

The scene seems heaven-sent, so WXYZ sports anchor Brad Galli invites baseball fans to take a swing:

The eye-grabbing screengrab from Monday afternoon's game draws more than five dozen one-liners from among the broadcaster's 18,000 followers.

A Detroiter lobs one that earns Galli's biggest grin:

He's the official scorer for this game, but we think this cleverness is a solid hit:

We also like these:

  • Just underway in the top of the third, tied nun to nun. -- Adam Jaska, Mt. Pleasant
  • God saw this weekend's baseball and sent help. -- Jennifer Reed
  • Bless you, boys. -- Bruce G. Lemon, Bloomfield Hills
  • Habit-ual Tigers fans. -- Kenneth Kalczynski (Ken Kal), WXYT
  • Nuns: 8; Tigers: Nun. -- Lee Williams
  • If you're at the end of the row and need a beer, just ask — nun shall pass. -- Jim O'Brien, WCSX host
  • Eight nuns out. -- Brad Jenks, Taylor
  • A few prayers are in order. -- Dick Coughlin
  • Nun and done. -- Ken S. Hastedt, Novi
  • You all look enough alike to be sisters! -- Ray Frey, Temperance, Mich.
  • It's Sound of Music night at the ol' ballpark. -- Mark Kaline, Bloomfield Hills
  • I'll have nun of that. -- Jason D. Heeres, Allegan
  • Nun ya' business. -- Mark Parillo, Clarkston
  • Baseball is just a habit. -- Sharon Zurcher
  • Take all the help we can get. -- Eric Bush
  • Help is on the way. -- Gerald
  • And it's one, two, three Hail Marys and you're out . . . at the ol' ballgame. -- Deadline Detroit

-- Alan Stamm

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