Heidelberg Project, Guyton to be Featured in Fall Exhibits and Installation at MOCAD

June 26, 2018, 11:56 AM by  Nancy Derringer

Tyree Guyton (MOCAD photo)

Tyree Guyton and the Heidelberg Project will be featured in two retrospective exhibits this fall at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. 

Opening Sept. 7, 2+2=8: Thirty Years of Heidelberg will honor Guyton's installation on and around Detroit's Heidelberg Street, which at one point had several houses and vacant lots displaying his idiosyncratic images, including clocks, numbers, toys and pennies. Beginning in 2013, twelve separate arson fires seriously damaged the project, which draws visitors from around the world. 

MOCAD's press release states:

Guyton ruminates on urban landscape and familial legacy-creating public works that speak to a possibility of shifting paradigms in which imaginative future and present reality live side-by-side. Using art to blur the boundaries of architectural function and religious philosophy, Guyton’s work is a reflection on historical impasse and speculative future.

The exhibit will feature items from the original Heidelberg Project, as well as a new installation "that references his previous pieces Street Folk and Giant Steps," the museum says. 

A second exhibit planned for October, Process, will look at how Guyton works and will "include drawings and studies that illustrate Guyton’s creative consideration and deepest influences," the release says.

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