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The old Clock Restaurant at 11444 Joseph Campau in Hamtramck is very different these days. That's where Fahmi Alfreri runs a six-month-old Yemeni restaurant, Remas.

Jane Slaughter of Metro Times gives a thumbs-up:

[Alfreri] employs two Yemeni chefs, but one is a veteran of the old La Shish, so the menu is as Mediterranean (Lebanese) as it is Yemeni, and Alfreri exults that "we are nailing it" on the toum (garlic sauce).

I agree. It was nailed.

Thus on different nights (or perhaps depending what the server thinks you want) what's brought to the table may vary. Alfreri told me that tea comes free with meals, but my Anglo party wasn't offered any.

One night we sat down to warm puffy pita rolls, brick oven-baked, with generous toum, as you might in a Lebanese establishment. That didn't stop us from also ordering a huge round of Yemeni flatbread, called saluf for $1, and using it to scoop up our food.

I stuck with the 17 Yemeni "cultural platters," while pondering the whole stuffed lamb I could have gotten by ordering ahead. Of the traditional Lebanese dishes—shishes, stuffed grape leaves, shawarma, fattoush, tabbouli, etc.—I sampled just crushed lentil soup, a cup of which was a thick golden bowlful, mild and incompletely puréed — well worthy of La Shish.

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