Jenifer Lewis of ABC's 'Black-ish' Takes a Video Shot at Rick Snyder over Flint Water

Jenifer Lewis (Screen shot from video)

She's the latest celebrity to take a shot at Rick Snyder for the Flint debacle.

Jenifer Lewis, who plays grandmother Ruby Johnson on ABC's popular "Black-ish," posts a video [below] on her Facebook page to swipe at the Republican governor.

In her one-minute clip, the 61-year-old sits at a piano and delivers a heartfelt spoken-word song:

I just got back from Flint, yeah, that Flint. I saw that dirty water with my own eyes.
But not to my surprise, Gov. Snyder, you're not much of a provider.
'Cause Flint ain't fixed!
Flint ain't fixed!
Flint ain't fixed!
The children up there are sick.
The lead in the water is thick.
Flint ain't fixed!

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