Video: A Look at Downtown Detroit's 10 Tallest Buildings

August 10, 2018, 8:23 AM

Penobscot Building (Google Maps photo)

The Hudson's site on Woodward Avenue will be Detroit's tallest building: about 800 feet. 

Before that goes up, it's interesting to see which are currently the tallest towers downtown.

Someone who goes by "TowerGuy" put together a three-minute video on Detroit's 10 highest skyscrapers. The third-tallest is the Penobscot at 565 feet and 47 floors. The second is the Ally Detroit Center at 619 feet and 43 floors.

Guess which is the tallest?

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Photo Of The Day 

Potd_img_9679_88 A brightly decorated track viaduct in Southwest Detroit near Michigan Central Station.

By: Michael Lucido