Warren Mayor Fouts Wants Gov To Declare A State of Emergency Over I-696

September 19, 2018, 7:40 AM

Mayor Jim Fouts

Too dramatic? Or simply pointing out the urgency?

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has asked Gov. Rick Snyder to declare a state of emergency in his city because of traffic congestion caused by construction delays on I-696, Ann Zienewski of the Detroit Free Press reports. The request comes as construction on eastbound I-696 in Macomb County has been delayed for two weeks due to a labor dispute.

Fouts said having more cars traveling on surface streets has resulted in slower response time for emergency vehicles, increased traffic in neighborhoods, a spike in accidents and huge traffic jams. 

"Clearly, we have a serious public safety problem in Warren due to delays in I-696 construction," Fouts wrote Tuesday in a letter to Snyder. "It is critical to note that, if I-696 construction is delayed by winter, the problems in Warren will be magnified and public safety will be even more endangered." 

The governor's office said it's working to try and resolve the labor dispute.

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